Hoop Dream Retreat was one of the single greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself. I’m leaving this 

experience a better human being and with confidence to share my gifts with the world. I am forever grateful to Mishie, all of the instructors, and participants in this experience.

Meg M.


Hoop Dream Retreat exceeded my expectations beyond measure. The event was amazing!


This is the most magical time I have ever spent with my hoop. I have never felt confident with my flow until now and you have given it to me I am so grateful for this opportunity and happy this happened in my home country! I hope Hoop Dream will grow always.

Michelle Y.


What People Say About Our Retreats

This was a life changing experience for me and I am so glad I came. This retreat was super organized and I want to thank all the instructors and EVERYONE behind the scenes for their efforts to make this all possible. I am grateful.

Sadie H.

Canada, Pipe Fitter.

This has been the single greatest experience of my entire life. Thank you.

I’m 100% coming next year, and the next, and the next.

Amanda L.

USA, Performer.

Hoop Dream Retreat was the best decision of my life. I have learned, loved, and grown so much. The friendships I have gained on this retreat will last a lifetime. This retreat facilitated building new friendships so close that it felt like I really had the opportunity to know who the true person was in everyone that attended, and it allowed me to open up in ways I never have and in ways I have always feared. Thank you all so very much for this experience. I will keep this in my heart forever.

Denise G.


Thank you for helping us create a family while we were here and for all the new friends I have made from around the world. We all helped us face our fears of solo travels by bringing us together through our passions. Thank you so much, cannot express my gratitude enough for you all and this magnificent journey. Love you guys so damn much!

Neusha I.


This is THE retreat for all hoopers looking for that connection & community for a happy soul.

Amanda M.

NSW Australia

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Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.