I recently had my first breathwork session with Michelle and it was so so good. I was able to take a lot of new knowledge with me. After taking part in group sessions prior to this one-on-one session, I can say that I was only now able to get to know the effects of breathwork. Michelle is fully dedicated to you, is 100% present. I felt very safe with her and I had the feeling that she wanted to achieve the best possible result for me. She guides you to the right degree. If you are considering doing breathwork sessions then Michelle is definitely a very good choice. Highly Recommended!! 


Bosnia & Herzegovina / Austria. Travel Nurse.

I’m in awe of this woman’s ability to heal through the breath. She welcomes you with kindness and a space to be truly and safely yourself. At first I attended her class at The Yoga Barn out of pure curiosity of what the breath could do. To my surprise, the breath unlocked memories and sensations that I was not prepared for but welcomed in anyway. Michelle guides you into those spaces and to explore your inner mind and body to allow the body to tell you what it truly wants and needs. I am forever grateful for her work and her abundant loving kindness, I left feeling speechless. That for me doesn’t happen often. 

Alisa S.

Canada. Founder, Alisa’s Wish Child and Youth Advocacy Centre and Child Abuse Survivor.

For me one of the must do‘s while coming to Bali. Michelle is such a beautiful, inspirational and calming soul. I met her at Yoga Barn and already the group Breathwork was amazing. I booked further 1&1 sessions with Michelle and what can I say, Breathwork makes the depth work. No matter where you are in life, if you want to travel into you, unlock the unknown, find inspiration or peace – do it. And do it with Michelle;). She opens up a room for being, a room to heal by yourself and an environment that can lead into the transformation you desire in life! 

Thank you Michelle. You are a great gift for this world and so to me for two stories that wanted to be rewritten. I carry freedom and peace now and it’s because you helped me stepping into this place. #foreverthankful 

Marina B. 

Germany. Human Resources Consultant.

What People Say About Breathwork with Michelle

Doing Breathwork with Michelle during the past year has been one of the most transformative experiences I’ve had in my life. 

During our first 10 private sessions, our conversations combined with her gentleness and ability to hold space helped me break through a lot of emotional barriers. Allowing me to express myself fully, own my lights and shadows, comfort my inner child whenever he needed it and many more heart-opening experiences. 

Later, during her weekly sessions at The Yoga Barn, even as she’s supporting a much larger group, I’ve been able to go deeper into my breath and access new insights guided by the inspiring music she shares with the group. 

I’d recommend her sessions to anyone who’s looking to make peace with themselves and get rid of the blockages stopping them from being their full self. 

Sergio C. 

Mexico / Bali. IT Consultant. 

My breathwork session with Michelle was the most intense I had so far. I have little experience with breathwork, and I only tried out the modalities of Shamanic and Rebirthing breathwork before. For me, Clarity breathwork, which is the modality Michelle facilitates, is the one that works the best for me. This type of breathing is a very gentle one, but don’t be mistaken with that… it brought me to a very intense body experience where I felt a lot of energy rising in different parts of my body. 

Michelle held the space in a lovely and kindly way, and her maternal energy allowed me to feel completely safe and welcomed to express anything that would come up. In the beginning of the session, she took her time to get to know me better and understand which topics I would like to work on. Only this part took us around one hour. She offered a short sound healing in the beginning to allow me to go into a deeper relaxing state before we started breathing. During the whole time, her instructions were kind, soft and still timing, to encourage me to keep breathing even during the times where the energy in my body was getting very intense. She never rushed anything and respected the fact that I was not ready to release completely. After the breathing we had a short talk to integrate what came up, and again, her attitude was soft, calm and completely non judgemental. I will definitely book another session with her, and would recommend her to anyone that is not familiar with breathwork yet, and to the ones that prefer a soft and calm breathing in order to go deeper into their processes. 

Thank you so much for the space and facilitation you offered!

Joana N. 

Denmark. Intuitive & Intimacy Coach.